The primary intention of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is to enhance the quality of education. The NAAC committee has proposed the idea of forming an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC).

IQAC might be looked upon because of the high-quality sustenance measure. As offering quality education, adopting progressive teaching-learning methods, and assessing them is a non-stop process, it may be working with the HEI to support them during their teaching-learning journey.

What is IQAC?

As the name displays  Internal Quality Assurance Cell is a structure that would assist educational institutions to enhance their work strategies and attain learning outcomes & objectives.

However, IQAC is not just a committee.

It is a “participative” and “facilitative” unit that would closely work with the faculty members to plan out the best viable strategies!

Vision of IQAC

Speaking of the vision, IQAC mainly specializes in quality enhancement.

Its goal is to introduce a consistent course of action that would lead the organization in the direction of progress. It involves preparing techniques for 

  • Efficient & well-timed work processes
  • Academic research & programs
  • Affordable & innovative approaches2
  • Use of ICT for modernization of education
  • Best evaluation method for preserving quality
  • Ensuring the excellent infrastructure to achieve goals

Thus, IQAC considers all the possible aspects that hold the strength to deliver the positive impact of teaching-learning on the students in addition to institutions. Assessment, evaluation & development might also additionally seem easy steps but can flip the game around when performed consistently.

Functions of IQAC

  • Setting excellent benchmarks with consistent work
  • Creating parameters to attain academic as well as non-academic learning goals
  • Creating a student-centric teaching-learning environment
  • Enabling college to effectively use edTech equipment for innovation in training
  • Considering the comments of students, college & parents for the best practices
  • Organizing various workshops & seminars for the excellent education environment
  • Documenting all of the activities in chronological order & maintaining a tab on improvements
  • Preparing 100% curate MIS reports for NAAC
  • Preparing & submitting one of the most important – Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) according to the instructions of the NAAC

Benefits of IQAC

  • Best Practices

IQAC guarantees a clarity of the work strategies and allows the stakeholders to “re-think” the present-day work techniques.

  • Internalization Of Quality Culture

The non-stop assessment styles make it viable to create an internalization of a quality education tradition in higher education institutions. 

  • Better Collaboration Of Departments

IQAC guarantees a better collaboration between numerous departments of the HEIs and eradicates the communication gap with frequent evaluation & feedbacks from the stakeholders.

  • Improved Functioning Of The HEIs

With an extra level of transparency & assessments, institutions are capable of making higher decisions and enhancing their overall functioning.

  • Proper Documentation

IQAC permits the faculty to properly create authentic documentations & preserve their information for future reference in the NAAC evaluation process.

  • Encourages R&D

IQAC encourages HEIs to pay attention to R&D and make the faculty future-prepared by empowering them.

  • Greater Transparency

IQAC peer-group verifies all of the documents, evidence, and records and resolves the challenges confronted by the HEIs.

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