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Clever Learning Management System by CleverGround is designed and curated to suit the digital needs of modern Tuitions and Colleges. Bringing the exact classroom experience to your mobile phones with the ease of automation.

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Learning management solutions.

CleverGround is a platform that connects the three major parts of a learning system: the students, teachers and the administration team. Inspired by some of the best learning institutions in the world, we have eliminated the administrative tasks that both students and teachers have to complete each day.

Everything from delivery and submission to evaluation of examinations is automated. The app grades exams and quizzes automatically based on the information the teachers provide. Furthermore, the grading curve is available for students to view, so they can monitor their progress and work on problem areas.

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A few reasons why we might be the right fit.

Anytime, anywhere

CleverGround provides organised & quick access of all classroom material to students & professors. Be it class notifications, exam results or quizzes, everything is at your fingertips.

Automated Homework and Quiz Checking

Save the hassle of correcting homeworks & quizzes. CleverGround provides end-to-end automation to curate, collect and check assignments.

Constantly evolving

CleverGround believes in bringing the latest technology to constantly improve the classroom experience. Right now, you can scan, convert and share all your hard copies with just a few clicks. No printouts needed!


CleverGround aims to foster an environment of learning. Students and their intellectual growth is and will continue to be the primary focus of CleverGround.

"When the student is ready, the master appears."

The CleverGround Ecosystem


The student is integrated with the classroom ecosystem. Students are provided a personal drive to document and organise their own notes. An organised documentation helps the student access their study material with ease.. even at the last minute!


Forget the hassle of sharing printouts. As the professor assigns study material to his first class on CleverGround, the study material is saved on the professors personal drive. The material can be distributed to the next class with just a few clicks. All this along with automated homework and quiz checking increases the overall productivity of the students.


Organise classes, manage fees, generate student leads, SEO and much more. We care about the administrators as much as we care about the students. Easy to use software aimed to bringing education to a digital platform.

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