CleverGround -Learning Management System

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LMS- A Game Changer in Online Education Sector

Get Role Based Dashboard

Role-based Dashboard gives you detailed information about Students, Professors & Administrators at your Finger Tips.

Students Can Track Their Performance

Student Analytics Dashboard helps students to analyze their subject/ course wise performance that helps them to meet their yearly academic goals.

CleverGround - Institute Management System
CleverGround - Institute Management System

Professor can Create Notes and Schedule Lectures

CleverGround Learning Management System allows Professors to easily Create and Store Subject/ Topic Wise Notes in the LMS software and also allows them to Schedule Live Lectures with students anytime anywhere.

Organize Your Curriculum

Digital Curriculum can be made by professors with respect to the syllabus which can be made accessible by the students using the Software as well as the Mobile Application.

CleverGround - Institute Management System
CleverGround - Institute Management System

Share Assignments

Professors can Share and Check the Assignments using CleverGround Learning Management System with ease and Students can submit their Assignments by uploading them on the Software or the Mobile app.

Track Individual Student Performance

Tracking the performance of Individual students help Professors to analyze the student’s Subject/ Topic wise progress which helps them to work on them to improve the student’s academic performance.

CleverGround - Institute Management System

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CleverGround LMS is a web-based software used to plan, monitor and implement particular learning processes of students. A learning management system helps to create and monitor student participation and assess student performance that enhances skills and regular academic aptitude.

Thus, A Learning Management System or LMS is an advanced EdTech software that helps educational institutions to create and deliver the best content to help students develop & enhance their skills.

The following list depicts the best features of CleverGround LMS that institutions must look for-

  1. Student data management and progress tracking
  2. Online exams – MCQs & Theory
  3. Centralized database with role-based access
  4. Student performance evaluation
  5. Personalized communication platform
  6. MIS reports & AI-powered analytics dashboard

The following list reflects the best benefits of a CleverGround LMS for stakeholders.

  1. Promotes online classroom teaching activities
  2. Vast e-learning content promoting student skills
  3. Unlimited access to various study materials
  4. Monitoring & evaluation of students progress with in-depth analytics
  5. Cost-effective solution offering great productivity
  6. Online student attendance & MIS reports

Here are the steps to implement a CleverGround LMS successfully-

  1. Identify the learning gaps of your institution
  2. Speak to the faculty for understanding the exact requirements
  3. Find a reliable education ERP vendor
  4. Discuss your requirements with the vendor for configuring the best LMS solution
  5. Arrange a demo before making the final decision
  6. Ask for changes in the LMS system if required
  7. Easy-to-implement platform

CleverGround LMS empowers institutions with tools and techniques to monitor teacher efficacy and student progress. It helps you to stay connected with your institution even when you are away from it.