Education Management System, also known as “EMS”, is a data management system that allows Institutions to function smoothly with Student Data. It is an important source for all types of student data that can be easily incorporated with different modules to streamline work.

Top 9 Benefits of EMS

Better Use of Time and Resources

Education Management System (EMS) is an automated solution where every activity takes place online, which in exchange saves a whole lot of paperwork and different useful resources.

The system additionally has an easy and smooth user interface and for this reason, the end-customers do not need to go through extensive training or require any special skills. This not only saves valuable time however additionally limits your utilization of significant resources like your staff. Your staff can pursue other crucial responsibilities instead of filling out the same paperwork again and again.

Improving Efficiency

The Education Management System (EMS) is an instinctive software program that stores all of the data on the Cloud. Without EMS, the staff has to fill in the same data more than one time for different purposes like attendance, library cards, etc. But with a pupil control machine, information as soon as entered is synced throughout all of the modules and therefore the staff doesn’t need to do manual data entry repeatedly.

Centralized Database 

EMS collates important students’ data like their examination grades, TCs, certificates, progress reports, student attendance history, timetable, medical history, and many others at a centralized location. So if a teacher desires to access facts about a student urgently they can do so while not having to manually sort out different files.

Improving Student Success

As mentioned above, EMS manages, organizes, and analyzes student records regarding grades of examination, homework, attendance, etc. Moreover, the System is included with an AI-powered analytics dashboard. The records saved in EMS is analyzed on the dashboards and is presented in the form of EMS reports and graphs.

These EMS reports can be utilized by the teachers to take a look at the students’ performance. They can pinpoint areas wherein the students lag behind and require more help. Students not only advantage from this immensely but better student-teacher relations can also be forged.

Parental Involvement

Students require a healthy environment with the right stability of teachers and parents. They thrive only after they obtain unwavering support from teachers in addition to parents. Therefore, it is vital that parents are very well in contact with what’s being taught at school. Parents must additionally be capable of engaging with teachers to discuss how they are able to assist their kids to enhance their performance.

Teachers can make sure that students are capable to cope with schoolwork at their homes. Education Management System facilitates parents and instructors to be extra connected and allows them to offer a healthful learning experience for the student.

Cloud-Based EMS

An Education Management System is a cloud-based application that stores data on a centralized platform. This makes the saved information highly secure. This was not the situation when data was manually saved. Student data stored as hard copies may be accessed by anyone and might lead to misuse. As stated already, the Education Management System gives role-based access. The quantity of information available depends on the significance of the staff’s role withinside the institution. This characteristic ensures that only legal people have to get entry to private student data.

Updates and Backups

Unlike the traditional methods of dealing with student information, the EMS system automatically receives updates at normal intervals. With regular and automated security updates there are minimum probabilities of the EMS getting hacked by intruders.

Additionally, a couple of automated backups of any statistics saved on the cloud make certain that your important information is never lost.

Therefore, SIS is 100% secure, safe, robust, and reliable software.

Easy Data Transmission between Departments

In a huge institution, there are excessive possibilities of records being formed in different departments. This can disrupt the easy functioning of the Institute.

To prevent this, EMS allows data to be transferred fluently from one module to any other with no issues. For example, the student’s records from the admissions branch may be effortlessly shared with the transportation department. This saves records entry work that was completed manually and in addition reduces records repetition.

Student Progress

Education Management System can be used to provide teachers with a complete record of students’ achievements.

Teachers can then determine out the regions wherein they carry out better & in which they lack.

Furthermore, with the observations received from the student tracking system, teachers can discover if the corrective measures that they implemented are working or not.

How CleverGround’s Education Management System Can Help Your Institution?

Implementing CleverGround’s Education Management System can prove to be a remarkable step closer to attaining all forms of scholastic goals.

It takes you one step closer to destiny this is free of hassle and full of productiveness which in the end drives development throughout the campus.

To maximize the efficiency of faculty & staff & overall ROI, you may opt for CleverGround’s Education Management System (EMS) that gives all of the above-mentioned advantages to educational institutions.

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