How ready are you for NBA?

HEIs need to check NBA readiness by considering the given parameters.

Institutions have to Check whether they fall under the following eligible category of institutions –

  • Computer Applications
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Architecture
  • Pharmacy
  • Applied Arts and Crafts
  • Engineering & Technical Branches
  • Management

AICTE Approval: A minimum of two batches must have been efficiently exceeded before you consider NBA accreditation and for institutions imparting management courses, the numbers of batches required are three.

The NBA doesn’t permit part-time courses. Only full-time courses are applicable.

NBA Registration On Website

As an eligible HEI, you will want to visit the official NBA portal and fill the registration form alongside the registration fees. Once it’s done, you need to generate the application and pay 10% of the accreditation fees.

If you meet the NBA pre-qualifier requirements along with successful completion of at least 2 batches previously, certified faculty with PhD experience, standard educational processes, appropriate infrastructure, correct MIS reports & evidence backing up the information, student overall performance records, and so forth then continue with similar steps. If not, you need to try once more the next time.

SAR -Self Assessment Report

SAR report plays a most important role in NBA accreditation.

You need to prepare an error-free SAR report with precise institutional data.

The report should be based on real facts and documents backing it up. Otherwise, the NBA committee may disqualify the Institution.

Here are the criteria and weightage distributed to undergraduate engineering programs.

Submitting The SAR

Once you generate the error-free SAR file, you want to publish it on the internet site for a further procedure. To make the report generation process easier, you may opt for CleverGround’s NBA Automation System

It will bring together all of your data and records and generate an error-free, 100%  curate SAR report that you may put up during the accreditation procedure and enhance your probabilities of further selection & eventually, the NBA accreditation!

Criteria (Program Level) Weightage
Criteria (Program Level) Weightage

Applying For The NBA Accreditation

You need to log in to the NBA portal with a generated user Id and password and pay the remaining 90% of the accreditation fees. You also need to give 3 dates for the NBA onsite peer team visit.

NBA Peer Team Members Visit The Campus For Evaluation

As part of the evaluation, the NBA peer team will go to your higher education institution on one of the dates which you had referred to while applying. The visit may also amplify to 2-three days in which the evaluators will confirm the facts submitted through you withinside the report.

You ought to preserve all the documents and reports ready ahead and make sure a clean scrutiny process. The NBA committee normally records the video of a whole visit, tests proof of all produced data, and arranges a short discussion with various stakeholders- like faculty, student, alumni, parents to research the “excellent education” parameter.

Submission Of Report & Final Recommendation By EAC

The NBA peer team members will submit their observations in terms of a report to the Evaluation and Accreditation Committee – EAC. The EAC members carefully analyze the report and provide a recommendation letter to the Academic Advisory Committee for the final decision-making.

Academic Advisory Committee’s Decision

Right from checking the document & reports submitted by the HEIs to the recommendation of EAC, the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) reviews everything and decides whether to give accreditation or not.

Possible Outcomes

Based on the decision of the AAC, if everything falls in line, your institution may get –

NBA Accreditation for 3 years

NBA Accreditation for 6 years

Or, you may not get the NBA accreditation!

NBA Grievance Redressal

If you feel unsatisfied with the entire evaluation process, you may ask for another review by challenging the decision of the NBA committee.

You get 30 days to request the same.

Your application for review will be evaluated by the Appellate Committee (AC). And the final decision will be conveyed to the institution

CleverGround - NBA Automation
CleverGround – NBA Automation

How will CleverGround benefit/help you with Accreditation?

Designed to assist higher education institutions to manage their institutional data and generating error-free accreditation reports, CleverGround’s NBA Accreditation System is an effective solution that can help you attain accreditation successfully.


As the NBA committee has mentioned that error-free reports are mandatory to get accreditation, the CleverGround can take you one step closer. The NBA Accreditation System offers a complete detailed analysis of the data & auto-fetching data feature that helps you compile, store, extract and handle data from a centralized platform. The benefits go beyond accreditation data management. It also helps your institution create a positive impact on stakeholders by streamlining your daily work processes and accelerating quality education.