For any higher education institution, obtaining “Accreditation” from acknowledged accreditation organizations such as NBA Accreditation for HEI or NAAC Accreditation will produce a good impact in terms of quality of education & institutional practices.

Accreditation certificate acts as an academic quality assurance issue for students whereas, for an institution, it opens the door to numerous opportunities like obtaining autonomous status, funds & grants from the government to enhance the operational methods of the institution. However, each accreditation process has some tips that require to be followed for guaranteeing the most effective educational practices.


CleverGround LMS is here with NBA Automation Module

CleverGround LMS is here with NBA Automation Module
CleverGround LMS is here with NBA Automation Module

What is NBA?

“NBA” stands for the National Board of accreditation that is an associate accreditation agency representing India in the Washington Accord (WA). The Washington Accord is an agreement between bodies that accredited or acknowledge higher-level engineering qualifications.

NBA is one such autonomous accrediting body in India, which deals with the accreditation of engineering and varied technical institutions based on the standard of education being offered. the rules printed by the NBA act as parameters to certify institutions.

Any higher education institution (HEI) willing to apply and with success get accredited from the NBA must make sure that all guidelines are followed strictly and each document or info that must be submitted is free from any errors and is 100% authentic.

It’s Objectives

Evaluation: Regular analysis of institutions or programs providing technical training on the idea of norms, standards, and guidelines.

Upgraded System: Development of quality-conscious systems that are relevant to the newest market needs, excellent, and embrace participation by all the stakeholders.

High Standard Education System: Building an education system that matches the aim of growth through ability and contributes to the financial system through social development.

Quality: Providing quality benchmarks targeted at the national and international level human capital in each technical education field.

Benefits of NBA Accreditation

Benefit of NBA
Benefit of NBA

Enhances Teaching-Learning

The NBA method allows the institutions to spot and overcome the teaching-learning gaps and develop methods that maximize the student learning outcomes. It urges the institutions to initiate quality improvement programs, activities, and so forth by motivating the faculty to participate actively in educational activities.

Student Progress

Institutions can adapt the outcome-based academic approach (OBE) to map and measure student progress at each step of their journey.

Skill Development

The focus of the NBA is to assist students to develop skills together with regular academics. it should enhance student enrollment quality-wise and quantity-wise along with raising the employability of the graduate students within the long run.

Economic Support for Institutions

Autonomous institutions can apply for grants and funds that promote the monetary health of the institution to additional boost their work processes and profit students.

Socio-Economic Development

Facilitates the quality of professionals and students moreover as transnational recognition of degrees. Promotes a competitive educational atmosphere wherever students grow and foster socio-economic development at the national level by manufacturing the most effective quality technical manpower.

NBA Registration Process

CleverGround NBA Registration Process
NBA Registration Process

Online Registration

The First & foremost step for an HEI to proceed for NBA accreditation is to get registered by filing a kind & paying registration fees. they have to submit their institution’s basic details with a registered email Id on the “eNBA” portal.

Details Submission

A permanent user Id besides password credentials are generated on paying the nominal registration fees (nearly 10% of the overall registration fees). Utilizing the permanent Id, institutions ought to submit additional details resembling the name of the head of the institution, data relating to the key promoters, institution’s bank details, planned programs along with soft copies of all AICTE Approval Letters (year-wise letters of past five years) or any appropriate regulatory authority.

SAR Generation

Once it’s done, the institution is needed to organize a self-assessment report (SAR). this will be done by self-evaluation of internal work processes & activities. This step serves as an opportunity for the institute to apply corrective measures and improves the way it functions. HEIs ought to submit them online along with paying the remaining 90% of the registration fees & the procedure is termed as “e-SAR” submission.

NBA Team Visit

On successful submission & acceptance of the e-SAR, the NBA members invite qualified institutions to recommend & decide final dates for his or her visit to their campus. On a predefined day, the evaluators visit the campus and assess each key detail as per the SAR.

Evaluation by Members

Furthermore, they create observations and analyses based on their guidelines. this is often one of the foremost vital phases of the certification process. The reports should be correct in terms of information & include the data covering the subsequent areas in a higher education institution.


It is due to the mentioned reasons – NBA certificate matters so much, particularly in a developing economy like India, wherever a quality technical workforce is needed on an oversized scale. Also, the students get the flexibility of selecting any workplace or country since several global opportunities open up for them if they graduate from an NBA accredited college.

NBA Automation Module by CleverGround LMS

In this whole process of  NBA Accreditation maintaining data of the many years becomes a task for many Institutes. CleverGround LMS is here with NBA Automation Module that will help with the Accreditation Process and make it easier for the Institutes to apply for NBA Accreditation.