The fundamental goal of any educational institution is to supply quality education & progressive facilities to students & help them build new skills that will help in shaping their careers and also the beginning towards guaranteeing that institutions are operating in synchronization with the primary goal is obtaining Accreditation for HEIs from reputed agencies like NBA/NAAC, and others. accreditation helps in protecting the interests of all the stakeholders – students, faculty, parents, and educators by mapping & evaluating the general institutional performance on the premise of the programs offered.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation will be defined as a quality assurance method that helps educational institutions to realize their educational goals by meeting the rules & standards set by accreditation granting agencies like the National Assessment and Certification Council (NAAC)/National Board of Accreditation (NBA) etc. Educational institutions ought to endure an extensive process that needs them to with success pass the standard checks in terms of managing correct institutional data, planning courses, concluding assessments to evaluate & enhance students’ performance, giving top-class facilities, etc.

For instance, if an institution aims at obtaining NBA accreditation, then it should meet the operational standards & guidelines set by the NBA. NBA committee members will review the programs, crucial institutional information, knowledge & compliance reports of the institution and, if they realize them are satisfactory enough to match their standards, they’ll grant accreditation!

The Importance of Accreditation

Institutions ought to undergo a well-known process to attain the end goal of getting accredited. Usually, the course accreditation process incorporates the subsequent steps:

  • Peer Evaluation
  • Visit and Examination
  • Final Decision

For the peer-evaluation process, institutions want to bring together institutional records from the past few years & put together and submit error-free compliance reports. Satisfactory reports result in the following step in which the institution qualifies for an accreditation committee visit. The committee assessments whether or not the parameters mentioned in the reports are met by verifying the important proofs and documents & then a decision to offer accreditation or not is made. So, the accreditation procedure empowers better educational institutions by supporting them to research their loopholes, enhance their academic structure, work on it, and gain trust among individuals. It offers institutions the possibility to design their schooling and head within side the direction of continuous improvement. Therefore, accreditation is extraordinarily important.

Benefits Accreditation for HEIs

  • Determining whether or not an institution is meeting requirements of education
  • Improving enrollment rate through triumphing trust of students & parents
  • Helping employers to decide the programs credibility & understanding the level of students
  • Enables graduates to appear for further certification examinations
  • Accelerates the possibilities of placements in institutions
  • Creates desires for self-development of educational institutions

Accreditation for HEIs isn’t an easy process. It takes effort, time, and right data management to pass the evaluation process. And to be honest, it may multiply the workload of faculty members 10 times and nevertheless, the accuracy of reports might be a point of doubt because of manual records management.

CleverGround LMS Data Management for Accreditation
CleverGround LMS Data Management for Accreditation
How can CleverGround LMS help you with Data Management for Accreditation?

CleverGround NBA Automation offers a solution for institutes to prepare themselves for Accreditation for HEIs by helping them to update the data on accreditation on a regular basis. It will also help to generate compliance-related reports and proves to be extremely useful for Affiliated and Autonomous Colleges and Universities

Benefits of Data Management for Accreditation

Data Security: Security of Data is ensured where access is only given to faculty members and stakeholders for Data Privacy.

Report Generation: Reports are generated based on accreditation with high accuracy.

System Analysis: Complete insights into the process LMof