The effect of artificial intelligence as an effective technology can be witnessed in numerous industry verticals. The education industry throughout the globe isn’t any exception to this. Artificial intelligence in schooling is being utilized by different schools in the country. The use of AI in education has given a very new attitude of looking at education for teachers, students, parents, and of course the academic institutions as well.

Here are a few facts to throw light on Artificial Intelligence in Education.

  • The AI in education market size surpassed 1 billion USD in 2020. It is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of over 40% between 2021 and 2027. (Global Market Insights)
  • The international AI in the education market is anticipated to attain 3.68 billion USD by 2023.

AI for Students

AI for Students
AI for Students

When we break it down, a student’s aim is simple: attain a diploma or degree proving their knowledge. AI can assist students to gain this goal by streamlining the training process. By offering access to the proper courses, enhancing the conversation with instructors and freeing up extra time to put attention on different aspects of life, AI could make a great effect on the students’ academic journey.


Personalization is one of the most important trends in education. With the usage of AI, students now have a personalized technique to study programs primarily based on their personal unique experiences and preferences. AI can adapt to every student’s level of knowledge, the pace of studying and preferred goals so they’re getting the maximum out in their education. Plus, AI-powered answers can examine students’ previous learning histories, pick out weaknesses and provide courses best applicable for improvement, providing many possibilities for a personalized studying experience.


While it’s now no longer unusual for students to require more assistance outside of the classroom, many teachers don’t have the free time for students after hours. AI tutors and chatbots are ideal solutions in these scenarios. While no chatbot can, in reality, replace an educator, AI tools can help students sharpen their talents and enhance vulnerable spots outside of the classroom. They offer a one-on-one learning experience while not having the teacher there to answer questions at all hours of the day. In fact, an AI-powered chatbot can solve student questions at a response rate of 2.7 seconds.

Quick Responses

Teachers and faculty are frequently bombarded with repetitive questions on a daily basis. AI can assist students to locate solutions to their most commonly requested questions in seconds through support automation and conversational intelligence. Not only does this free up lots of time for educators, however, it additionally enables students to spend less time tracking down answers or waiting for a response to their questions.

Education Anytime Anywhere

AI-powered tools make studying accessible for all students, anytime and anywhere. Each student learns at their personal pace, and 24/7 access makes it simpler for students to discover what works for them without waiting on an educator. Additionally, students from all around the globe can gain access to exceptional education without incurring travelling and living expenses.

AI for Teachers

AI for Teachers
AI for Teachers

Most teachers and faculty aren’t afraid to confess they struggle with time management, that’s understandable given the number of responsibilities on their everyday to-do lists. Educators need to spend more time educating students one-on-one, diving into the research and continuing their personal education, however don’t have the availability to do so. AI can assist to free up educators’ time by automating responsibilities, analyzing students overall performance and closing the educational gap.


Just as AI can personalize students’ learning courses, it can do the equal for educators. By analyzing the students’ learning skills and history, AI can provide teachers with a clean image of which topics and lessons need to be reevaluated. This evaluation permits teachers to create a satisfactory learning program for all students. By analyzing every student’s particular needs, instructors and professors can modify their guides to cope with the maximum, common knowledge gaps or challenge areas before a student falls too far behind.

Doubt Solving

With access to a school’s complete knowledge base, AI-powered chatbots can solve quite a few generic and repetitive questions students commonly ask without concerning a faculty member. In bypassing the educator, AI leaves more time for them to put attention on lesson planning, curriculum studies or enhancing student engagement.

Automating Task

The strength of AI can automate the maximum mundane of tasks, including administrative work, grading papers, assessing studying patterns, replying to trendy questions and more. According to a Telegraph survey, teachers spend 31% of their time planning lessons, grading exams and doing administrative work. However, with support automation tools, teachers can automate manual processes, leaving extra time to put more attention on teaching core competencies.

Artificial Intelligence in CleverGround LMS

AI Analytics in CleverGround
AI Analytics in CleverGround

Artificial Intelligence is used in several ways in Education, here CleverGround LMS uses AI to define a student’s personal development in academics. AI Analytics helps a teacher in different aspects such as:

  • Get Statistical Analytics
  • Track Student Activity
  • Videos and Notes Analytics
  • Test and Assignment Analytics
  • Individual Student Analytics