HEI’s know how important it is to achieve a  NAAC Accreditation score of 3.26 and above. No HEI wants to settle for less. Each of them wants to upgrade themselves and attain their own privilege to start new courses, departments, programs, off campuses, research parks, appoint foreign faculty, recruit foreign students, to become one of the top five hundred universities for academic collaboration.

This is the list of Key Pointers and Metrics Indicators to achieve their desired score!

Individual Program Accreditation

Consider getting some programs NBA accredited before appearing for NAAC Accreditation! We all know, Programs are the crucial part on which the institution is raised. By getting your programs accredited, the reliability of your institute increases. You can also be capable of demonstrating OBE competency, that’s one of the highest-scoring requirements in the NAAC.

Advance Preparation

NAAC preparation can’t take place in a day or a month or even in a year. It’s a constant method that consists of growing competencies and being geared up withinside the fields of funding, academics & research, organising infrastructure, etc. The government body of the institute must therefore provide the IQAC and the steering committee at least 2 years of preparatory time to attain the desired readiness level to face NAAC.

Get the Higher One’s involved 

Get the entire group heads in—Vice-Chancellor, Director, Deans, Heads of Departments. Their presence can add more clarity, commitment, potential, and preparedness to the NAAC preparation process. This enables the faculty involved to deal with pressure more wisely. Ensure that nowhere they’re demotivated, the faculty working beneath neath them gets retarded too. Accreditation isn’t only about maintaining a compelling engagement among the IQAC and Steering Committee but also of the whole leadership unit.

Get an Automated Software to Ease the Process

It’s not at all fair to entirely depend on the faculty to manage the data as it is a hasty process. With a Cloud-Based Automation System, you can be confident about Data Management when it comes to Data Storage and Retrieval.  

SSR Management

The entire of NAAC’s complications depends on submitting the Self-Study Report (SSR). This online data-driven method requires extra accuracy of data on Extended Profile, Basic information, DVV metrics, and IIQA. What is even extra vital is working on abilities under each qualitative metric, properly in advance.

Aim for High Scoring Metrics

Spend extra time analyzing the metrics carefully. Take complete benefit of the high scoring metrics and by no means opt-out of them. Here’s a tip. An overall of 9 quantitative metrics could score your maximum rating, focus on them.

Analyze the most suitable metrics to opt-out

Along with the Qualitative Metrics, remember not to ignore the quantitative metrics under criteria 7. They are essential. Similarly, you can not opt-out from metrics that scores 20% of the entire weightage. Run thru the NAAC guide for extra info before proceeding.

Our tip to you is to ignore those metrics which might be 5% and below, and people that require a lot of time and data.

Qualitative Metrics is the Key

Qualitative Metrics add 30% of the total NAAC Accreditation Score. Emphasis on getting these metrics accurate.

Concentrate on the Metrics with a huge data load

Of the overall 7 standards and their respective key indicators, we understood that 10 metrics ought to potentially confuse you with a big amount of data to be stuffed in. Never try and play with the data here. Entering them manually could mislead your complete team. An accreditation software will act as an actual saviour here.

Concluding the above, the accreditation status presented by NAAC is going to stay afresh for the next 5 or 7 years. It’s clearly worth your difficult work, commitment, and clarity.

Jumping into the NAAC Accreditation system without being prepared can doubtlessly lead your institute to secure poor grades which includes C or B, B+, or B++.

By getting a B or C grade, your institution’s credibility might get affected, leading to a number of cascading effects, specifically in poor admissions. NAAC Accreditation