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CleverGround LMS - Pioneering Digitization 2.0 !​

Learning Management System

Imagine a Learning Management System that’s designed for student success!

Instant access that facilitates better collaboration

Connect learning goals with strategic plans and achievements, through a synergized and connected network.

Communication Channels

Notices with controlled distribution, All teachers & authorities communication, Structured communication storage for later access.

Mobile-first approach for learning on the go

By handing over the proper personal experience to the proper audience, gaining knowledge will become extra interactive and intuitive.

CleverGround LMS 1.1
CleverGround LMS 1.2
CleverGround LMS 1.3

Test Management System

An Online assessment tool that helps educational institutions.

Run Time Result Display

Teachers can predefine ‘pass’ & ‘fail’ criteria. The questions are processed & auto-calculated at a faster rate, and run time results are displayed immediately at the end of the examination.

Question Paper Generator

Create unlimited Question Papers. Customize Question papers through filters & tags. Get historic reports on questions.

Question Bank

Create & Curate your Questions in Banks. Create questions of all kinds. Provide Filters & Tags.

NBA Automation

Automate your NBA course and program attainments effortlessly.

AI-Powered NBA Management

AI and Machine Learning to generate invaluable Student and Teacher Insights.

AI Analysis for Bloom's Taxonomy at the question level

Best student learning outcomes + ability development. Creating NBA tests as per CO & Blooms Taxonomy.

SAR Report Management as per Washington Accord

Automation of Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes in SAR Report as per Washington Accord.

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