Learning management system focused on students.

With Clever Learning Management System (CLMS), Spend less to no time on tedious everyday work like checking and collecting assignments! Easy to use, easy to install and easy to improvise!


Scan and send. Easy Homework Correction and Distribution. Students don’t do Homeworks properly because there is no way to document them. This gives the student the opportunity to check their mistakes later. The documentation helps students access their homework later and learn from their mistakes. “I lost my homework” no more!


Notes directly from the teacher to the student. Student can have access to the high quality “direct from professor” notes. Organized notes are always easy to access, whenever - wherever!


Two types of quiz sharing available as per your convenience. Digital Quiz and Scan Quiz.

Meant to increase practice tests for the students to prepare for the competitive exams. Without the hassle of correction and analysis for the professor. Everything is very easy.


Communicate with the class with our internal channels and chats. Students have group study channels to enhance study related activity on their phone. A collaborative education environment with chassmates even outside the classroom.


Most people don’t need it after attending the first couple of weeks. But for the forgetful ones, we have a calendar that helps the students and professors track everything.


Perfect for tenured professors. Upload any document once and access, edit and distribute to next batches from within the app.

Multi Branch

Manage multiple branches online. End to end deploying and demos will be assisted!


A Customised and flexible fee structure to meet all your needs. Get reminders, edit fees, select duration, collect online payments. Improve the financial transparency of your institution.


Manage online and offline enquiries.

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